Juli Kim performed in numerous venues mainly devoting her work to spreading the awareness of Korean culture to the younger generation and to non-Korean ethnic groups.


She has taught Korean Dance classes at the La Canada Preparatory School and Flintridge Preparatory School, among many others. She has also collaborated with Dancecorp, Lulla Washington Dance Theatre, The Latino Dance Project and other dance companies promoting diversity.


Her most notable work was the production of Friendship Concert in 1997, in memory of the LA Riot. The event raised scholarship money for inner-city children.


In 2016 she founded The Artists’ Platform, a non-profit organization that seeks to empower all artists by providing them with a platform for their work. 

Juli Kim took part in the San Francisco Ethnic Festival 2016, Terra Nova Choreography Residency 2017, HIGHWAYS: Dancing With Purpose. She is a recipient of numerous awards and was a finalist at Front & Main Dance Festival.

Juli Kim’s Korean Classical/Fusion Work has been described as “both powerful and poetic in an improvised form based on rigorous training.”


Juli Kim holds a Master's Degree in Piano Performance from USC